If you are planning to go overseas this year the first time, you are bound to forget some of the essential items that will make your holiday run smoothly. Travelling overseas is different from visiting one of the popular Mediterranean resorts, and requires more planning. To make the most out of your time and your travel experience, below you will find a list of essential things to take care of before you jump on the plane.


International Drivers’ License

If you think that you can cover large distances in America or Asia using public transport, you might have to think again. UK tourists often underestimate the size of one state in India or the United States. You might be better off driving yourself from the airport to your destination, and visiting local attractions using a hire car. If you stay at Hartford Marriott Farmington in Connecticut, for example, your closest local airport will be over 20 miles away.  Just in case, you will need to have an international driver license ready, so you can hire a car at your location and see more of the area.

Travel Insurance Documents

While you might have your policy number stored on your mobile phone or laptop, you will need to have the policy documents printed off, too. This way, the local travel agent or embassy can contact your insurance company, in case you have to make a claim or arrange alternative accommodation. When you travel overseas, local companies will know close to nothing about European policies and procedures.

Travel Checks Or Money and Visa

When travelling overseas, you will need to pay using a traveller’s check or your card. Some banks will charge you a one-off transaction fee for every overseas payment, which makes going on a holiday extremely expensive. You might be better off with travel checks and vouchers. Cash is not a good alternative, as it is not very safe to keep on you all the time. You should also keep your visa documents handy, ready to show in case you are stopped by the police or need to show a proof of your travel at the hotel.

Proper Cuppa

The thing you will miss the most during your overseas travels is a nice cup of tea. Taking your favourite blend with you can be a great idea, and essential to keep you sane. One of the most important things to remember when travelling abroad is comfort food, snacks, and your favourite drinks. Without them, you might feel frustrated and lost.

Plug Adaptors

Finally, you will have to check what type of plug they use at your holiday destination and invest in a few plug adaptors. There is nothing more annoying than not being able to charge your phone, shaver, and laptop while spending a week travelling. Check out the voltage and make sure that all your electrical equipment will work fine.

Travelling overseas is a great way of experiencing new cultures and something completely different. Make sure you pack everything and print all your necessary documents before you set off for the adventure.


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