purple and butterfly themed wedding

My purple and butterfly themed wedding

While planning your big day choosing a wedding theme is important. Along with the venue, the theme is what almost everything else will revolve around. It could be a colour scheme, fancy dress, black tie, vintage style, hollywood or anything that shows who you are and expresses your style as a couple.

For our wedding we opted for the colour purple and butterflies. Choosing a really deep purple for our September wedding fitted in perfectly with the flowers that were in season at the time.

purple and butterfly themed wedding

I love butterflies. Pretty, elegant little creatures, each one perfect in its own way. I had visions of them sat in in my bouquet, in the table decorations and in wreaths hanging in the trees.

After we had picked a colour and a theme we could start to make plans for the rest of the wedding. Arranging for invites to be made, choosing a florist and flowers, picking a bridesmaid dress, arranging for suits and all of the other little elements that combine to make your day perfect.

I loved looking through all of the amazing wedding magazines, coming up with ideas for our day. My Hubby wasn’t too worried about all of the little extras. So after we had chosen our venue and colours scheme, he was quite happy to leave the rest up to me. I was more than happy with that. He did however want to choose his own suit style (eeeeeek!) I need not have worried as he did a good job.

purple and butterfly themed wedding

I felt like the butterflies were a real focal point for our wedding. Finding some beautiful feathered butterflies on eBay, I bought around 200 of them in different shades and patterns. Knowing I wanted them within the bouquets, in the table centre pieces and sitting in wicker wreaths that were hanging in the trees. I really wanted to have that ‘confetti shot’ therefore I found some beautiful real petal confetti. There is still some on the kitchen dresser now, 6 years on.

We started our purple and butterfly theme with our invitations. I wanted it them to set the scene for the wedding. Our wedding cake was a cupcake tower, which had butterflies sat on each cake.

purple and butterfly themed wedding

Writing this down it seems like I went over board on butterflies! However they were all very subtle. All the little things bringing our wedding together from the invites, wedding flowers, bridesmaid dresses and cake. Right through to our thank you cards.

What theme did you choose for your wedding?

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