In the modern age, it’s challenging to achieve any sort of relaxation. Instead of taking it easy during our evenings, most of us push to get the most out of every moment. We bring work home with us, or even use evenings to socialise or sign up for classes. In short; we’re always on the go, and few of us consider how that can impact our bodies.

Sadly, forever putting our fight or flight impulses to the test can prove a real problem for health. We aren’t programmed to be on the go all the time, and our bodies require relaxation to both function and repair. When you don’t provide that, your health may soon start falling foul to the following.

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Feeling a little tense

Tension in the body is bad news, and it’s something which will build the longer you don’t allow yourself to relax. At the very least, tension can form knots and otherwise painful wear and tear which will make even basic tasks painful. And, all this comes about when extreme stress changes the body’s nervous system, causing blood vessels to constrict and reduce the blood flow to all-important soft tissues. Left unchecked, this can be a gateway for lifelong pains. And, it’s something you can relieve by taking the time to chill out.

The harmful hormone buildup

When you’re stressed, your body releases an excess of hormones like cortisol. This is a problem from both a mental and physical standpoint. For one, excesses of cortisol can leave you feeling wired and unable to sleep. In extreme cases, they could even leave you reaching for fast-acting stress relievers such as alcohol to get to sleep, which can cause it’s own damage and could even see you needing to increase stress further with a stint in an alcohol rehab centre. Cortisol also has physical impacts, with high levels linked to high blood pressure and minimal energy. Yet, it’s no surprise that cortisol goes crazy when you’re always on the go. Merely embarking on calming activities like meditation or yoga once a day can balance things out.

Taking its toll on your ticker

Lastly, it’s essential to mention the impact a lack of relaxation can have on your heart. This is vital given that heart health is of utmost importance for long life. The fact is that the flight impulse can soon cause some strain here. At the very least, issues like the high blood pressure which we’ve already mentioned can lead to unnecessary heart risks. Not to mention the sheer amount of pressure you put on your heart by continually pushing yourself. Over time, that pressure could lead to issues such as heart attacks or irregular beats, neither of which you want, and both of which you can avoid by sitting back and closing your eyes sometimes. 

It’s true that finding time to relax isn’t easy nowadays. But, as you can see from the risks you face when you’re forever on the go, it is well worth doing. 


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