We all want to make the most of the outdoor spaces that we have available to us. Looking for ways to renovate or accentuate small or perhaps neglected outdoors spaces can easily fall down our list of priorities, however, as renovating outdoor spaces, particularly back gardens, can often feel like an overwhelming job. It really doesn’t have to be and with just a few simple steps you can quickly turn your garden around into a space that you can start to enjoy again. Read on for our top tips on how to do just that.

Decking or Turfing

Decking is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to completely transform old and neglected gardens. Old, cracked and faded concrete slabs bring down the look and feel of any outdoor space, so these should be the first things to go. Putting down decking yourself is actually not as difficult as it might sound and there is an abundance of videos online that can tutor you through the process. Alternatively there are many professional decking companies that can come and take the job off your hands.

For those of you that love a bit of greenery then removing old concrete slabs and replacing with turf is probably the best direction for you to go in. Turf is also relatively easy to put in yourself but if you have uneven ground then you are going to need to deal with that first.

Fencing and Railings

Fencing and railing is a really important part of ensuring that your garden looks neat and tidy and that it is protected and safe. Therefore if you don’t already have fencing around your garden then now is the time to start looking into it. Look at the type of railing system or fencing system that would best suit your garden. If you have an elevated garden that is one or two flights off the ground floor then you will want a high railing system that will prevent accidents. Or perhaps your garden is one on the ground floor but you have animals in which case you may want to integrate a railing or fencing system around your backyard to protect your property and will also prevent your pets from being able to escape. This will also secure your garden from anything else being able to get in.

Plants ’n’ Paint

Now you have done the hard work it is time to focus on the details that are going to bring it all together. Painting any walls that are looking a little bit shabby will make a big difference. Looking to pot some plants, flowers and foliage is obviously the best way to add freshness and colour to any garden.

Outdoor Furniture

Now you’ve put in the hard work it is time to add the finishing touches so that you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. So look into treating yourself to some comfortable and hard wearing outdoor furniture so that you start relaxing and enjoying this outdoor area of your home again.

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  1. Hello Sarah, I loved the way your fresh new look. I love to make a garden. I am always curious to know new tips and make a healthy and beautiful garden. I love your post. Thanks and keep sharing with us.

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