When you are moving to a new piece of land, there’s every chance that you are moving onto old farmland. Not only are you going to have a tremendous amount of renovation ahead of you, but you’re looking to move into your dream home on a vast expanse of land. When you plan to move onto an old farm, you have to think about what it means to maintain the land, whether you want to look after animals and whether you want to keep hold of the outbuildings. 

Choosing to keep hold of field shelters doesn’t mean that you’ll be taking up space, but it does mean that you could have a range of outbuildings at your disposal to renovate as you please. There’s nothing that you need to stand in the way of your dream home. Instead, you need tips to make your move as smooth as possible. Let’s go!

farm house and fields

Know the Rules

You need to know what you can and cannot keep on your new piece of land. Some farmlands have restrictions that others don’t, so think about this and make sure that you know the ins and outs with your seller before you get started.

Pick Your Movers

When you are moving to farmland, you need to choose your movers carefully. If you’re only moving the things in your house, you need a regular man and van guys who can lift boxes for you. If you have animals and farm equipment to move, then you need some livestock movers like these ones.

Know Your Costs

You have to hook up utilities when you move to your new land, and the best thing to do is to research the costs and make sure that you have everything ready for moving day. Contact all the utility companies before you get there, so you have your creature comforts ready!

Fragile Things First

Ideally, you will have packers and movers who understand the issues with transporting fragile things first. Once you are ready to move, get the fragile things moved first so that you can settle in quickly.

Pack Early

The moment that you know that you’re moving to a new area start packing. Clear the home bit by bit, packing the things you want to take into the boxes as you go. Doing this will make moving day far more structured and easy to manage, as you won’t have much left to do on the day.

Prepare To Be Safe

Farmland can be treacherous after rains and if there is a lot of equipment and old shelters laying around. On the day of the move, you should make sure that your movers can handle getting all your things in, and make sure that they’re wearing the right equipment for any large machinery – should you be moving any. 

Moving to new farmland can be exciting – and now you can be prepared for it!

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