I we bought our first house, it was only 12 months old and in immaculate condition. We just moved into a magnolia house that didn’t need any work doing, which was perfect for us at the time. Not having to worry about a new kitchen, a new bathroom or new windows.


Home renovation

We are currently living in a house that needed everything do when it was first bought, walls came down, walls went up the whole house needed renovating. Finding the kitchen was easy, we went to a trade showroom for it, the house was being completed for us to live in for a few years before finding our forever home. So, we used trade companies, plus we could go and look at kitchens, bathrooms, flooring without to much trouble.

When it came to sorting windows it was much more difficult, we had to ring around the local companies arrange for them to come out to give us a quote. It was time consuming, sourcing the companies finding the time to have them round, spend a couple of hours talking to sales men and then having to wait or the quote to arrive. But in the end we got them sorted.

While doing house renovations, you just pray that everything to go smoothly. Making sure the companies you use are reliable and good value for money to keep within budget is so important. It is also one of the hardest things about house renovations. I just wanted a smooth process from start to finish, which is was not. We had issues with the plumbers, the flooring company, the painter and almost 5 years later we are still having issues. Next time I will make sure it’s very different.

Since completing the work on the house, we are now ready to find out forever home. We will go for something that again needs some love, maybe an extension or even a lovely conservatory on the back to add even more living space. Who knows, but I do know I will try to make the process as stress from as possible this time. I will make sure we research everything better and ensure we have everything we want, even if it means waiting that bit longer to save up for it.

Have you completed a house renovation? Do you have any top tips?


*This is a collaborative post. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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