blush christmas decorations

A very Winter Blush Christmas with Amara

Have you heard of Amara? Well, Amara is an online store that has very thing you could possibly need for your home, your lifestyle, offering that bit of luxury to suit every style. So many ideas to get your creative juices following.

My sister has recently moved into her first home and is getting everything ready for the first Christmas and has started buying decorations. She has decided to go for a a Winter Blush theme, pale greens, pale pinks, whites and silver colours.

Christmas with Amara

Amara have a fabulous range of Christmas decoration in their Christmas shop. With so many different items that will be perfect for my sisters Christmas theme.

My Christmas with Amara top picks

Amara have a full range of gorgeous winter blush decorations, with a beautiful faux snowy tree to display all of your stunning new decorations on. Plus they also have a lovely wreath to hang on her front door to go with the tree.

The beautiful pinks, creams and pearly shades are just gorgeous, they will all look perfect at my sisters this year. The winter blush is a modern on trend take on a the traditional Christmas style, with beautiful baubles and tree decorations. Hanging a stocking up is for me a Christmas tradition and I think whether you have children or not you should hang up a Christmas stocking .

If you wanted to extend your winter blush theme across to more than just your Christmas tree and decorations. Then you could add in some gorgeous blush accessories, cushions, vases, candles so many items you can use to bring the your winter blush dreams all together for a magical festive season.

What do you think to the winter blush theme for Christmas? Is it something you would have or would you prefer something more traditional?


*This post was made in collaboration with Amara. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

My Copper and Blush Christmas with Cox & Cox

Before we had even bought our first house over 10 years ago, I remember starting to buy Christmas decorations, for the tree we did not have. Much to my now Hubby’s dislike, he just couldn’t understand why I was starting to buy decorations, but I couldn’t not as the following year I might not have been able to find the same ones. We, well I decided on a plum and silver theme for our tree and over the years I have collected a range of decorations. Yet in the last couple of years I have been thinking about changing my theme for something else, and this year I am doing just that.

I love having the Christmas tree up, since having the children I try and put get it up as near to the start of December as possible and this year will be no different. I like to have the tree up for as long as possible so we can enjoy it.

Copper and Blush Christmas Tree

blush-copper-christmas-decorations-christmas-tree-baublesMy purple and silver theme needs an update, it has become less purple over the years and more mixed, this year I shall be introducing the beautiful copper and blush colours. Cox and Cox have so far produced some of my favourite blush items, which seem to be more difficult to find, I bet next year they will be in every shop. Cooper tones and rustic looking tree decorations seem to be the trend for this year, which is great as I love them plus they will work well with my style and sit nicely with a lot of the decorations that we already have.

I just love the luxury feel to the blush and copper tones, I cannot wait to get my tree up and start to decorate it will so many beautiful nice baubles.

Gift wrap

A beautiful Christmas tree isn’t complete without beautifully wrapped presents beneath it. Cox and Cox also do a stylish range of Christmas wapping paper, labels and bows. I do love presents to be wrapped with care and to all be finished off with pretty bows, ribbon or twine.

I however, do not do this to all the presents under the tree, my children just rip through the wrapping paper without a seconds thought about the hours it has taken me to lovingly wrap them all up. So for their gifts I now buy enough of one patterned paper for each child to save me even having to put labels on them all, plus it means I don’t have to worry about them opening the wrong persons gift. Also this year for the first time I have a baby niece to buy for, she also has her own wrapping paper, not to sure why as she is only going to 4 months old at Christmas but I shall start with the traditions and continue them on.

So what do you think to my choice of Christmas tree style this year? Is it something you would love for your own tree, or do you have another theme that you love?


*Thank you Cox and Cox for sending me out some beautiful Christmas tree decorations. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*