cocker and sproker spaniels

Changing Oakley and Tash’s food to Hills Science Plan Canine Adult Review

Oakley and Tash are the canines in our little family. Both boys, I know Tash is a funny name for a boy but we re-homed him when he was 18 months old and it was to late to change it. Tash is a sprocker spaniel (the brown one), he is a working cocker spaniel and springer spaniel mix. Tash is also Houdini, he is an escape artist, he can find his way out of just about any garden…… well that was until we have just spent hundreds of pounds getting the garden secure so he cannot escape. Oakley is our cocker spaniel (the brown and white one), who came to live with us when he was 7 weeks old. He now thinks he is the boss of the house and will steal a morsel of food at any given opportunity.

cocker and sprocker spaniel eating hills science plan

Recently Hills got in touch with me to see if we would consider trying out their Science Plan Canine Adult Medium dog food for Oakley and Tash. It’s not always easy to change your dogs food, it’s a slowish process. Plus my Hubby spent a lot of time researching different types of dog food before we settled on something. So I had to speak with my Hubby before I agreed to trial the dog food.

He looked into the dog food and did some research into the different ingredients and the benefits to our dogs. Once he had done that, he was pleasantly surprised and agreed for us to try it out.

Hills Science Plan Canine Adult Review

Like I said my Hubby was very keen to know what Hills used within their Science Plan food.

Chicken: Maize, wheat, chicken (26%) and turkey meal, animal fat, digest, maize gluten meal, soybean oil, minerals, dried beet pulp, flaxseed, vitamins, trace elements and beta carotene. With a natural antioxidant (mixed tocopherols).

We like to ensure that our dogs get a good balance of vitamins and proteins within their food, we also choose for them not to have fish based food. We have found when we have changed flavours they just don’t enjoy it as much. Which for us is important, we want a food that our boys will enjoy and wolf down each time they have their meals.

Hills Science Plan Adult offers all of the things we look for within our boys food. It has the levels of vitamins and proteins we want for them. However much they drive in crazy some days, I really want to ensure they have the best.

Trying the food

cocker spaniel with head in bag of dog food

We first tried the dogs on the kibbles of the food to see if they like it for treats, they loved it. So over the next few days we reduced their old food amount and then added the Hills. Until their old food was replaced fully with Hills. It’s better for the dogs digestion to slowly change them over. For about 4 days now they have been fully on Hills and both Oakley and Tash are thriving on it.

cocker and sprocker spaniel eating hills science plan

We haven’t seen any change is their poo, which is amazing. It’s normally the first sign that the food isn’t agreeing with them, so we are happy.

Make sure you look at the recommended amounts your dog needs, our boys actually both needed less than what we currently gave them.

My thoughts

I was impressed with the seal on the bag of food, it was easy to open and seal up after each use. With other brands we have used the bags haven’t been sealable, so we have had to move the food into containers.

cocker spaniel sat with a bag of hill science plan dog food

In the short time we have been using the food we have seen an improvement in the boys coats, even though we were happy with them before. They are now shinier and seem over all in better condition. Plus the dogs love it so we are happy. Energy levels are up, not that that needed to increase as spaniels are very active anyway.

The food isn’t budget dog food at around £32.99 for 12kg, however for us it isn’t about the price. It’s about ensuring what we are feeding the dogs is the best for them to keep them healthy and also in great condition.

If you are thinking about changing your dog food, then I would highly recommend giving Hills Science Plan Adult a try. Just make sure you change over slowly so it doesn’t give them upset tummies.

Thank you Hills for letting us try this great food for Oakley and Tash, they love it.