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Stylish shoes for the Summer from Vionic

I like to think that I try to dress nicely, ok, sometimes I am not quite on point but generally I can be seen looking smart casual. However, when I go out I always seem to over dress. I find that going for dinner with friends I can often be in a dress and heels when they turn up in flats and jeans. Of course there is nothing wrong with flats and jeans but for me going for dinner is about getting dressed up, making more of an effort to what I would wear for the school run. I guess however we are all slightly different.

Summer months for me are not my favourite to be honest, I find that I end up not knowing what to wear. Being more on the plus size of life means that I don’t always feel confident with my legs out in the summer, so I generally live in midi dresses, bardot tops with jeans, the odd maxi dress or skirt and then either flat flip flops or a pair of summer sandals. Finding sandals that are gorgeous and yet wearable for a day out, without thinking about your feet hurting is quite difficult. Style doesn’t have to hurt!

Stylish Shoes for the Summer from Vionic

Pumps are just not really me, I have a couple of pairs that I love but they generally get worn in the garden and in the spring or autumn when it’s too warm for boots or too cool for sandals. My best friends wears her pumps with everything, dresses, jeans, shorts. A few weeks ago we were all heading out for lunch, she explained her outfit. A lovely shirt dress but she was pairing it with her pumps……. Well I almost spat my tea out. However, she look fabulous! But I just could not pull that style off.

For me style is about being yourself, wearing what you feel comfortable in. I love a statement piece of jewellery, could be a ring, necklace or earrings, for me less is more when it comes to style. I feel like a nice piece of jewellery just finishes even the most casual of outfits off.

Style doesn’t have to hurt

When it comes to shoes I always have to think about my daily life. When I’m not on the school run or in the park with the children, you will often find me seeing my friends, entertaining at home or out and about shopping. Finding something that not only suits my style but I know I can shop until I drop in isn’t always easy.

I met with the fabulous team at Vionic at BlogOn a couple of months ago and they offered to send me out a pair of shoes I had fallen in love with. They promised me I would be able to be stylish while on the school run, out shopping and even for drinks with the girls. I choose the Solana tan sandals, with just the right size heel and perfect for the summer. I love them, with the weather being so nice, they have not left my feet even with relaxing with a glass of wine in the hammock.


*Thank you Vionic for sending me out the perfect stylish shoes for the summer.*