country fashion

A country bumpkin appearance in a city setting.

Our appearances have a lot to do with our environment. We often adopt the ‘fashions’ of an area because they’re all around us. We see those clothes on a daily basis and develop a desire for them. So, it’s no wonder that people who live in cities adopt an urban appearance. Ripped jeans, hipster beards, and short-cropped t-shirts swarm the city streets at the moment. But, what if the city style doesn’t suit you? Sometimes, fashions like these fail to hit the mark. And, when that happens, it’s difficult to know how to move forward.

First, consider why that fashion doesn’t sit right with you. Is it a case of the clothes not looking the way they should? Or, does your dislike go deeper than that? Does the urban lifestyle fail to suit your needs, other than on a location basis? If that’s the case, consider what would suit.

Country Bumpkin Appearance In A City
It may be worth jumping in at the deep end, and opting for something completely different. And, what’s more, different from city style than country living? A country style could be the thing that’s lacking. But, it’s not easy to jump right into a country bumpkin frame of mind when you’re in the midst of a city. That’s why we’re going to give you some pointers on how to achieve the country look, no matter where you live.

The Clothes

The basis of your outfit is the most important thing. As such, you should focus on this first. Your best bet may be to get stuck in with a little research. Something like this country wear clothing by Schoffel should give you a good idea of what you’re working with. Horse related fashion is always a good bet with this style. Jodhpurs could work well here. Then, finish the image with a classic shirt. And, don’t forget to get the right bag. While rucksacks may be top of the agenda in the city, a leather satchel could be a better option for your country image.

Country Bumpkin Appearance in a City

The Footwear

It’s also worth mentioning footwear. For the most part, this is a primarily practical issue, especially in the country. Wellingtons are the most obvious option, but that’s because of the mud. In truth, though, you could make these work, even in the city. Fashion wellies may not be practical for wading through muddy puddles, but they’re sure to make an impact on city streets. Or, you could opt for some riding boots to match those horsey jodhpurs.

The Hair

Last but not least, consider your hairstyle. You can have a lot of fun with this, and it stands to make or break your image. As you’re opting for a country appearance, it may be worth finding a way to incorporate flowers into your do. Real flowers aren’t practical, but there are fantastic fake alternatives available. Think, too, about up-dos. In the country, it’s all about keeping your hair out of place. So, pony tails and braids may be what you need to complete this image.