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Shiply the courier people

I love to find bargains, especially gorgeous vintage pieces of furniture. A few months ago I found a gorgeous writing bureau on Gumtree, it was really local so I was able to collect it. However during my search for it I had found some stunning ones all over the country but I had no way of getting them without spending hours I driving to collect it.

Over the last few years I have been collecting quite a range of vintage furniture items, however I have still kept all of our other furniture and I really need to look at selling some of it. But how do you sell large items on the selling sites and be able to offer delivery.

We also have numerous items that could do with being replaced with vintage pieces that I love so much. I would love a gorgeous dressing table to replace my pine one and a lovely book-case. Regularly I have a look on eBay and gumtree to find something perfect and although I haven’t found quite what I am looking for just yet I am I will do and then I will worry about how to get it home.


I recently discovered it is actually much easier to sell large items and offer delivery than I thought it would be. Shiply offers online courier quotes. It’s a really simple process, you just fill in the online form giving details about the items you want to have sent. The address for collection and delivery, also the dates you would like it collected. You will then receive quotations from the reliable companies that are approved by Shiply and you choose which one best meets your needs and costs. Simple. Millions of people are now using Shiply to help them courier items all over the country. When I get round to selling the items of furniture that we just don’t need anymore then I shall be using the service that Shiply offers.

Not only do they offer services for large items, but house removals, vehicle movements, boats, international and European shipping.

Have you ever needed to arrange for a courier to collect large items? Did you find it easy? I would love to hear how you got on sending large items.


*This post has been made in collaboration with Shiply. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*