how to afford a wedding

How to afford your dream wedding

When it comes planning you wedding, do you think ‘how are you going to afford it’? I was the same, when I planned my wedding 8 years ago it was tough and we had just over a year from booking our venue to the wedding, and for 6 months of that I was on maternity leave.

We had a one year old, a mortgage and childcare to pay for. Luckily in the job’s that myself and my hubby had back then, we were able to do over time, and my parents offered to have our son extra so we go get a few hours over time in here and there to pay for our wedding. Of course on top of that we had to make cut backs, my spending on make-up, clothes, handbags, shoes had to take a break. I wasn’t spending £100’s each month but every now and again I would head out shopping and spend a bit to much. But in the 9 months, from me returning to work after maternity leave, we managed to pay for our whole wedding. My parents gave us some money towards it, and my hubby’s dad and step-mum paid for our cake. We did the rest.


For me having lists is a big part of my life, and for my wedding planning it was no different. I had spread sheet on my work computer, I had a big wedding planner book and it came with me everywhere. I had lists for things we needed, things we would like, day guest lists, night guests lists and then list of questions to send to the venue. Oh, if I could make it into a list, I did. It really helped me.

For saving money, we really had to budget, we meal planned and hoped that we could get a roast dinner at one of the parents houses each week. We didn’t have a holiday, and we even originally said we wouldn’t have a honeymoon because we didn’t think we would be able to afford it.

I made up a chalk board, it had the amount of hours over time we needed to do between us to afford the wedding. Listed in from 1 to 100 (although I cannot remember how many hours it was) and after we had completed an hour we crossed it off the list. It helped to keep us focused on what we needed to do.


I used e-bay and amazon to buy bits a pieces for the accessories, I chose flowers that I loved from a lovely local florist. I had been to see a lady the venue had recommended, she was great but I just didn’t love her and her prices were just not affordable for us. I supplied the florist with the vases for the tables, that came from asda at £1 each, I then gave them away to some of the ladies at the end of the day.

I made the fable favours, we decorated the venue the day before the wedding. They just added the flowers to the tables when they arrived in the morning.

We wanted a really relaxed wedding, so we didn’t have a seating plan, some people sat inside, others outside. We also opted for a BBQ for the day guests and then bacon sandwiches and cheese toasties for the evening guest, it was really popular. Our cake was a cupcake tower, that we served with strawberries and cream for desert. So we saved money there.

I think if you are happy to make some cut backs to your spending, change a few simple bits to cut down on costs then any you can afford your dream wedding. Chill Money are always available to help with those last few pounds if you need it. We had who we wanted and what we wanted for our wedding, we didn’t have any pressure to invite people we hadn’t seen in years or any of the we cannot invite them without inviting them.

Our wedding was everything we wanted it to be. It went in a flash but we loved it.


*This is a collaborative post. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*