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Flying Tiger Copenhagen comes to Lincoln

If you haven’t heard of Flying Tiger Copenhagan then where have you been hiding? These Danish stores are popping up all over the country with the latest one opening this week in Lincoln. I’ve been to a few Flying Tiger Copenhagan stores, I can’t walk pasted on without popping in and buying something. Now I have one only 45 mins away from where I live, couldn’t be better.

I was invited along to the new store to have a look a do a mini super market sweep. Well, how could I possibly say no to that? So, off to Flying Tiger Copenhagen Lincoln I went, I was surprised by the size of the store. It’s the biggest one I have visited. Plus the Lincoln store is light and airy, even though there were so many amazing items in there it was spacious and inviting.

If you have never been into a store, they set out a little bit like a maze, to work your way around the store allowing you to see every item on sale before making your away to the check out and out of the door, brilliant until some silly person is going the wrong way round.. haha.

My Flying Tiger Copenhagen Haul

Flying Tiger Copenhagen Lincoln

Well I can honesty say that I would have happily spent a couple of hours just looking at all of the cool funky items, not to mention the fabulous range of stationery, I mean I’m not sure I know a blogger who doesn’t have an obsession with stationery. For me it’s note books, so of course I had to purchase one, I think it was the first item I popped into my basket £2. I also picked up my Hubby a 2018 diary £3, some cute paper clips £1, and even a little travel journal £2. Oh and I found some magnetic clips £0.50 each for the children’s ‘Art’ work to attach to my already full fridge.

As I walked around the store I kept thinking ooh thats a great idea, or wow my son or daughter would love that. In fact as I walked around I picked up a few Christmas gifts. A mini solar system £3, a pink heart four in a row game £1, a fishing game £5 and even a detective finger print kit £3.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen Lincoln

I found a fabulous new mug £3, that I love. A cupcake carrier, which I know my Hubby is say ‘why?’ yet I have wanted one for ages and at £3 how could I not pop it in my basket. A measuring glass which has levels for rice and all sorts of other items, a fabulous idea at £4.

As I made my way back around and I then picked up a few random bits, a nail file with a case £1, mints £1, a couple of Halloween figures for the children £1, then I spotted some pillows in the window, so I added a gorgeous grey one to my haul a £7 which easily looks much more expensive than that. Oh and a pair of dog tooth brushes £1 which will be perfect for my Cocker and Sprocker.

So for around £40 I come away with 3 bags packed full of fabulous items, some Christmas gifts, some bits for the house and a couple of bits for me, bargain prices for brilliant products. Bringing a bit of Danish living into my life.

Did you know that every month 300 new items arrives in the stores, created by a team of designers. So there is always something new in store for you, especially the amazing range of seasonal items. The Christmas items have started to arrive and after the Halloween items have flown off the shelfs there will be even more, so I cannot wait to head back next month to see the full Christmas range.

*Thank you Flying Tiger Copenhagen for inviting me to visiting your Lincoln store. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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What is Hygge Living?

what is hygge living?

Everyone is talking about Hygge living, but what is this Danish concept that we all need in our lives?

Hygge pronounced ‘hoo-gah’ in English simply translates as ‘cosiness’ although it means so much more. Think, cosy home, candles, soft lighting, lots of natural materials, wood, wool and leather. The Danish are known as some of the happiest people, they believe it is down to their firm belief in Hygge living. Believing it contributes to their psychical and mental well being.

what is hygge living?

The concept behind Hygge is to make the ordinary things, such as a cup of tea, special or meaningful. Enjoying your surroundings and the company around you. For you to benefit from Hygge you need to disconnect from your phone or lap-top and turn off the TV and other electronic distractions  Start to enjoy and embrace the simple things. Things that happen around you everyday yet you just don’t enjoy or see. Light some candles to create a cosy atmosphere, purchase some flowers to bring the outside in, or drink some tea from lovely china cups. All very simple things that help to lead to happiness.

Hygge is all about simplifying your life, a feeling of comfort and cosiness. Being aware of the good moments as they happen. Enjoying time with friends and family. Stopping and thinking about the simple pleasures in life.

what is hygge living?

With all of the cosiness that comes with Hygge, it would seem very much like a something to get through the winter months. Which I guess it is designed to do, as in Denmark their winters are long and very dark. However, the concept of Hygge can be applied through the rest of the year. Grab a bike and head out into the countryside and enjoy the sounds and scents that are all around you.

what is hygge living?

Helen Russell moved to Denmark from the UK, she wrote the book ‘The Year of Living Danishly’. She describes Hygge as ‘Complete absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming’ with ‘a focus on togetherness and prioritising the people in your life’ Sounds so simple when you think about it. It’s what we should all be doing, with busy lifestyles it’s not always easy.

Your Hygge living essentials

  • candles
  • open fire
  • warm socks
  • books
  • hot tea
  • cosy blanket
  • snug bedding
  • calming colour scheme

Having these few items in your life, will lead you on the way to a happier more relaxed lifestyle. Or so the world of Hygge believes. On a Sunday evening we light the log burner, get a nice hot drink and sit together reading. It is just lovely. It helps us both to relax after a busy weekend. So perhaps Hygge living is a style that suits us. So grab a cup of tea, light some candles and snuggle down with a good book.

What are your thoughts about Hygge living?


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