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Halloween Chic…

It’s that time of year again, where the trees are starting to change colour as the Summer rolls into Autumn. The children will be heading out to collect the conkers and choose their halloween outfits.

Each year we carve pumpkins, not always with brilliant results, but the children have so much fun doing it. We don’t really go all out with decorating the house, this year however I thought I would have a look at ways to add a bit of the halloween spirit to our house but in a chic style.


Now no home is complete without some kind of pumpkin for Halloween. Forget about the triangular eyes, nose and scary mouth style pumpkins. I am thinking, painted, whites, golds with some glitter, ribbons or even wrapped in fabrics. Or non-curved just little collections of the tiny little squashes that come in variety of shapes and colours, green, orange and white. They can be at the front door to welcome those trick or treaters, added to the centre of tables, in fire places on dressers. Anywhere you can make a bit of space to add some halloween chic.

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Halloween wreath

Now you know I’m a sucker for a door wreath, I love them all year round. So why not find a lovely door wreath, a ring of tiny pumpkins, or autumnal florals. You could even make something out of fallen leaves.

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Halloween Table

I love a great looking table, all set nicely ready for a family meal or having guests round for dinner. I cannot wait to be able to have our dinning set up beautifully for longer periods of time instead of just when it’s a special occasion. Filling the table centre full of beautiful pumpkins, flowers and little candles during the Autumn but as our table is also for the children’s crafts and for homework it never happens.

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Shabby chic halloween

Shabby chic Halloween seems to be becoming more popular, as I spend hours on Pinterest these beautiful pink pumpkins keep making their way onto my feed. I’m not sure they are for everyone but I love them and think they are so pretty, so I thought I would share with you a few ideas.

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Do you style you home for Halloween? What do you think so these ideas?


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