Our mattress is years old. In fact I have had it for longer than me and the Hubby have been together and thats now 11 years. I remember reading that a mattress should be changed every 5-7 years, so ours is definitely due an upgrade.

We have a double bed, sometimes I wish it was a king size, but in our first home together we didn’t quite have the space. Our bed also cost us a lot of money, as it is solid oak and we bought it to last. Although I do sometimes think a lovely white wooden bed would be nice. My Hubby wouldn’t to too happy if I told him that I wanted a new one.


Since having my daughter 4 years go I seem to have developed an issue with my lower back. I often thought that it was due to my sleeping in a funny position, but recently I have been wondering if it is connected to our mattress. It has led to me having some very restless nights.

Sleepbear got in touch and offered me a mattress to review…. yay! Fingers crossed for a better nights sleep.


Sleepbear are a British family owned business based in Oxfordshire. Who after trying to find an affordable mattress that was also comfy, supportive and of a high quality but being disappointed, decided that they would design a mattress that was all of those things but  so much more. Sleepbear was born.


Sleepbear mattresses are different because they are made with premium natural latex, giving their mattresses more bounce, making them more breathable and non-heat retentive. The memory foam layer is also in the middle so it means that unlike most memory foam mattress’s you do not suffer with the heat. The Sleepbear Mattresses are also made using their very own Cairfull sleep surface fabric, it gives extra ventilation, moisture regulation, resilience, it also compliments the natural latex perfectly well. The Cairfull fabric has a 3 dimensional cross structure that also adds a ventilating layer of air within the fabric itself. With all these carefully thought out elements coming together to make a mattress like no other.

My Sleepbear Mattress Review

When placing the order for our mattress, I was able to choose when it would be delivered. I choose a Friday and although it was just over a week away I knew I would be home and have the time to sort everything else out ready for it’s arrival. I had a email the day before to confirm it would be arriving with us, on the day it arrived with no issues and a friendly delivery man. After we had removed our very old mattress gave the bed frame a good clean, we began to remove the outer package. To be honest I was quite impressed with how little packaging was actually used, just the box and then a large plastic bag for protection followed by the plastic that was used for the vacuum packing.

The mattress when rolled was really easy to move about. We positioned it nicely on the bed, cut away the vacuum packing and watched it inflate. The fabric feels so lovely and soft. It was surprising how quickly it went from flat to a full depth mattress, only a couple of minutes, we did however give it a little while before eagerly trying it out. Just sitting on the edge of the bed you instantly sank down into a soft yet firm cushion, so comfy. We left the mattress to fully expand and inflate for a few hours before making up the bed and it being ready for us to sleep in.

Wow! I don’t really think there is much else to say about our fabulous Sleepbear mattress. We were both slightly worried about our backs hurting for the first couple of nights, but that shouldn’t have been a worry. From the first moment of getting into our newly made up bed we were in love with it. It’s so supportive, yet soft and comfy at the same time. It moulds to you as you move positions and then holds you in place once you are in the perfect sleeping position. My back has improved even in 10 days, I haven’t woken up in the morning once thinking about my back aching which really is a great improvement. My Hubby goes away a fair bit with work and during the last week of him being away, he came home to say ‘I cannot wait to get in to bed, with that new mattress’. So it must be good.

The only thing that took a little bit of getting used to was the that if you get too close to the edge while asleep with the foam moving with you, you would almost just roll off, unlike our old mattress that was so firm around the edges that it had no give and you stayed on. It however, only took a couple of nights to get used to this and honestly most people wouldn’t even notice. But when you regularly have a four year old in bed who takes up most of the space that the Hubby and I often find sleeping on the edge the only space left for us.

We have been speaking about getting the children them for their beds too, as they will last and they will be as comfy as us. Plus it also means if we have to hop into one of their beds for the night we also have a comfy nights sleep.

Just about everyone who has been around to our house since our new mattress arrived, I been saying ‘ooh, come a sit on our new mattress’ my brother in law and best friend are now both considering getting a Sleepbear mattress. I genuinely cannot fault our Sleepbear mattress, I cannot recommend it to enough and with a 100 night sleep trial what are you waiting for? If you do not like the Sleep Bear mattress then you can just send it right back, with a money back guarantee.

Giving back to the Bears

The family team at Sleepbear not only wanted to design and manufacture a brilliant mattress they also wanted to give something back. Sleepbear give a percentage of proceeds made from their mattress sales directly to Polar Bear International. Polar Bear International are an organisation raising awareness about the Polar Bears, their ice and their seas. Doing everything they can to ensure that the Polar Bears will always remain part of our Artic.


*Thank you to the lovely Sleepbear family for sending me this mattress that comes with the sweetest dreams. As always thoughts an opinions are my own.*

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    • Hi Raymond, you can get the Mattress from Sleepbear.com they are a fabulous British company. Hope you get a lovely nights sleep when you buy your very own Sleepbear. xx

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