If you are serious about having a good time with your gang, throwing a rave-themed party is a great idea. While these gatherings were known for the wrong reasons once, they are more mainstream now. All you need to think about is dancing, drinking, and having fun. Organising a rave party may require some planning and effort, so it makes sense to know your facts before throwing your first one. After all, you will want to make it a success. Here is the ultimate checklist you can rely on to host an exciting rave this season.

Throw Your First Rave Party

Choose an apt venue

The first thing you will need is an apt venue that offers ample room for dancing and moving around. Consider your guest list first because it will determine the size of the venue. Your home is probably the best venue for the first time because it is the safest. You can host the gathering in your living room or even basement. It is a good idea to move furniture and create space. If there isn’t enough room to accommodate everyone, borrow a friend’s barn or rent a local warehouse.

Plan the decor

After you decide on the venue, party decor should be on top of your mind. The right ambiance can get everyone excited. Ideally, it should be a dark, club-like space, though you can experiment with creative themes. Buy party supplies and deck up the event space with strobe lights and lava lamps. A bonfire is an excellent addition to an outdoor gathering. You can pick glow sticks, glow necklaces, and glow bracelets for adding the oomph factor to the evening.

Prepare a playlist

Music is perhaps the most significant element of such parties. You need a playlist that keeps everyone glued to the dance floor. You can explore the best Rave mixes online. Choose multiple genres of music to ensure there is something for every person on your guest list. Apart from choosing the best music, you also need the right sound system for the party. You can even rent and install a wooden dance floor at the venue to make it party-ready.

Get the drinks ready

When it comes to rave-themed parties, you cannot ignore drinks. Set up a bar area or drink table in an accessible corner of the event space. It is a good idea to assign bartending to a mature friend or family member for your first party. You can consider creating a self-serve area if you trust the guests to respect limits. Invest in shot glasses for drinks, or pick disposable plastic clubs if you are on a budget.

Follow the rave rules

Safety should be your top priority when hosting a rave party for the first time and every time later. It is vital to understand and follow the rave rules applicable in your area. If hosting a big gathering, consider hiring security people to keep everything on track. You also need to stay ahead of COVID precautions right now. Limit your guest list for the first party because fewer people are easy to manage.

Throwing a rave party and making it a success is easier than you think. Follow this checklist, and you will not have to worry about missing out on anything.

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