Transforming your outdoor area might be the solution you require in order to enjoy your outdoor space more. In the UK, we don’t often see a lot of sunshine, so our time outside is limited anyway. So if you’re thinking of installing decking in your garden, here are some things to consider.

Things To Consider When Installing Decking

Have A Budget Available

First and foremost, you need a budget. Decking isn’t the cheapest thing to install in your home and depending on its size, the price may get more expensive the bigger you go. So it’s important to start off with some research and looking into what you can afford and what companies can offer in the way of spreading costs for the work done. Alternatively, you may have the DIY skills needed to do the job yourself, and that will end up making it much cheaper. Either way, you want to have a budget available to pay for it.

Mark Out Where You Want It

The next step is knowing where you want to put it. Depending on the size and shape of your garden, you need to figure out where the best place it can go in terms of its appearance of functionality. If you’re using the space as a place to set up for the sun, you want to pick a spot where the sun hits that part of the garden for the majority of the day. You also want to think about the view and what you want your decking to be looking out onto as the height will make a difference to what you can see. Maybe you’re lucky enough to be backed onto a beautiful landscape, and therefore there may be a certain part of the garden which is best for seeing this view.

These are all things you want to decide on before starting the work. The last thing you want is to have spent lots of money and time building it, to find that it’s in the wrong place and having to start all over again.

The Decking Materials

The materials you use for your decking is equally important to everything else, especially when it comes to weather conditions and the durability of different materials. Wood is usually a popular choice, and you can get plenty of it from Oakdale Fencing. But there are other alternatives to consider. There’s composite decking which is made from recycled materials like plastic and wood fibres. Aluminium is also another, as well as plastic. If you go for wood, the type of wood can vary depending on how weather-resistant or pressure-treated you want it. Of course, they all come with different price points, so it’s whatever suits your budget really.

Decking can add something different to your outdoor space, and it’s a great feature to have. So if you’re considering decking for your garden, make sure you research and plan it all out before spending your hard earned money! Once it’s built, you’ll likely find you spend more time out in your garden than you did before.


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