Decorating or extending a home doesn’t come cheap. Often, it can be a difficult task to pull off. While you may desperately need the extended space, or to upgrade the look of your property which is started to feel aged and drab, you might have issues pulling off the upgrade effectively. For that reason, you may become demotivated on your first try, feeling that the upgrade cost is simply not worth the effort currently. We’d argue that you should always feel free to do whatever you’d like with your home space. This is the grounding point of your life, and often requires the most maintenance to help us feel complete and relaxed. You’re an important person, so why shouldn’t you feel happy in your home space?


We’d like to suggest a whole host of very useful tips you can use to pull off the home upgrade of your dreams.

Know What You Want

When you’re trying to redecorate or extend on a budget, you need to have a surgically accurate understanding of what you want. You need to know down to the penny how much it will cost you, and how much wiggle room your endeavor has from a financial perspective. If extending the property, be sure to gauge the materials needed, or hire a specialist to come and give you an exact quote. While this can be an upfront investment, it’s often worth it to gain the perfect measurements and blueprinting costs so you know where you stand, and you know what you can achieve.

Knowing what you want may help you start looking in avenues where you can save more money, as opposed to trying to find what you want as you browse. Don’t be afraid to draw up plenty of plans and mood boards to help identify what theme you really want to go for. Not only will doing this help you achieve a really good idea of what costs you can expect, but the design of the place will come together in a more harmonic and orchestrated way.


Of course, sometimes you cannot limit your creative ambition. After all, why should it be limited? Your home is your space, and it should mean to you exactly what you want it to mean. Refinance home loans, and you may find that you have a sizeable cash injection to help you afford what you want now, while paying the investment back in a more manageable way for you. This is by far the most popular method people take when extending their properties, as it allows for a timely and cost-effective extension, especially when attempting to take advantage of the current housing values in your area. Be sure to go with a firm which has clear loan terms and a great support network, and you’ll be sure to have made the right decision.


Walls are the largest yet least-noticed feature of your property. They are so fundamental to the decoration of a property that we often drown them out and ignore how they are decorated. If you feel as though your property is a little dull or could really use upgrading, make sure your walls aren’t bland first. Repainting to a more tepid, relaxing colour, hanging blown up photograph frames of you and your family, or painting family murals or beautiful designs could help make a room feel completely new. Not only that, but a can of paint costs almost nothing in the grand scope of home redecoration.

Make sure that the walls in your property aren’t adhering to some long-forgotten era either. Properties built in past decades could be committing some horrible home decor sins which make your current property feel and look completely dated. Textured wallpaper is an example, as are retro and highly patterned wallpaper. Modern wall chic is all about smooth and plain tones, something which relaxes you and helps you feel rooted in the space. Try and opt for a light cream or even a light stone grey. This can truly help bring a room together and make the atmosphere one of quiet reflection.


Following the same logic as the walls, bad, stained or damaged carpets can all contribute to making your room look messy. You can have the best discipline when it comes to tidying your space, but if the carpet looks bad, the room will surely look unclean. If you’ve identified that this is a problem, the fix need not be overly expensive.

Stained carpets can often be treated with functioning carpet cleaners. If the carpet is old, be sure to go for a stronger variety of product which can really penetrate the fibres of the fabric and lift the dirt well. This might take a few attempts, but it can be much cheaper than replacing the entire floor of carpet. However, replacing carpet isn’t that expensive either from a relative standpoint, so this could be worth looking into.

If you have your long term costs in mind, then purchasing and installing laminate flooring can really help a property shine. Not only is this much harder to damage, but stains are so easy to clean you won’t feel worried about spilling that red wine glass. While this can be the priciest option, it can last for years, and as long as you varnish when required, the flooring is sure to look new for a long, long time.

Online Help

Online help is so numerous these days that neglecting to use it can be a major disadvantage. There are many websites and home YouTube channels which give you insight into making your own decorations, or making a limited number of decorations work well in your property. You can take this free information and trim your home the way you feel most works for you within these parameters. This can be much better than hiring an interior designer or fretting about how you’re going to fill those new rooms to your extension.

With these tips, you’re sure to experience a better and more satisfactory home upgrade.

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