Most of us travel only with the destination in mind, but the actual act of travelling can be a lot of fun too. That person travelling in first class on a plane surely enjoys their trips, as does the person who loves cycling and does it to get from A to B.

Most of us use the same few types of transport to get us around the world every time and that can make the act of travel boring, but it doesn’t need to be. If you try any of the following modes of transport to try before you die, you’ll shake things up and have a thrilling experience:

Super Yachts

man paddle boarding past yacht

Okay, so you’ll have to be mega-rich if you want to own your own super yacht, but you don’t need to actually own one to take a trip in true luxury. It’s still super expensive, but it is possible to charter a super yacht for a once in the lifetime trip. If you can get a big group together for the experience it may be more affordable than you think, and you’ll get to have an amazing time, viewing the world from the vantage of a beautiful boat equipped with all mod cons. You’ll be able to plan your itinerary to take in the places you most want to see, and you’ll be the envy of everyone who sees your holiday snaps. Time to start saving?

Private Jet

Again, you probably aren’t going to be the proud owner of a brand new private jet any time soon, but for a few thousand pounds you may be able to secure yourself a place on a chartered jet. You’ll get to skip customs and security, which means you won’t have the awful airport experience that is so common. Not only that, but you’ll travel in comfort and luxury, and most important, reach your destination rested, relaxed and ready for action, instead of tired, crumpled and annoyed before the holiday has even begun.

Luxury Car

Luxury cars can be a bit more affordable than the options above, depending on what your idea of luxury is in this instance. For example, if you were to find your nearest Harwoods dealership and look at buying an Audi or BMW, you might be pleasantly surprised, whereas if only a Ferrari will do, you might be disappointed. However, everyone should experience the delights of a luxury car at least once in their lives, and it is possible to do this by renting the vehicle of your dreams. You can rent something like a BMW for as little as £49 per day, so it’s perfectly possible and could be a great treat next time you’re planning a road trip.

Hot Air Balloon

numerous hot air balloons

This one’s a bit different, but with fans like Richard Branson, you can’t argue that the hot air balloon is a great way to travel in style. If things go to plan you won’t get very far, but you will experience mind blowing views of the landscape below and if you pack some smoked salmon sandwiches and a bottle or two of champagne, it’ll be a delightful way to spend some time watching the world go by.

Which mode of travel would you love to try before you die?


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