So, the UK is having an unusually hot summer so far. I’m sure that once the school holidays kick in it will change. During the summer most families will turn off the central heating, it’s just not needed and therefore saving those extra pennies over the summer helps for the winter fuel bills. The one thing I miss about having the heating off, is warm bath towels. After you have got out of the shower or bath and you wrap a cold bath towel around you, just isn’t the same as fluffy warm towels. Also they just don’t dry as easily with the heating off, so they need washing more often…. just what I need extra washing!


Did you know that you can get duel fuel towel radiators? I didn’t but how fabulous is that? It’s perfect for drying the towels and warming them up during the summer months. It’s something we will definitely consider adding to our dream bathroom, hopefully in the not too distant future.

Duel fuel towel rails come with a couple of different options. You can get them designed purely for warming your towels, to add that bit of luxury to your bathroom. Or ones that are designed for heating your bathroom as well. You can even just buy mini ones that would make for lovely hand towel warmers.

Duel fuel towel rails from Best Heating

Best Heating have a fabulous range of duel fuel towel radiators, I thought I would share with you my favourite one. I just love this Terma Zig-Zag, silver vertical heated towel rail. It’s super modern with the geometric pattern and I can see this in any sleek white bathroom. It also comes in a various different lengths and also in white, so you can find the perfect place for it in your bathroom whatever the size or style.

Have you thought about having a duel fuel heated towel rail in your bathroom? I think they are a fabulous idea. Roll on forever home and dream bathroom.


*This post is made in collaboration with Best Heating. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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