Want to keep your guests entertained on your special day? Here are some of the most popular options to consider and how you can get the best out of each one.



Most couples settle for a DJ, it’s the easiest way to provide entertainment that everyone can enjoy. When choosing a DJ, look for someone that is experienced and who primarily focuses on events such as weddings and birthdays. A good DJ should be able to take requests and blend songs so that it’s not just like listening to a playlist. Some DJs will provide audio equipment and even lighting, whilst others may leave this job up to the venue.

Live music

Another option to consider could be live music. This could be anything from a string quartet to a rock band, depending on personal preference. Try looking for local live bands to hire that are willing to play weddings. Find out which songs they play, how long they’re willing to do a set for and whether they will provide their own audio equipment and lighting.


If you want a more interactive form of music, you could always consider karaoke. Whilst you can use your own karaoke tools, you may want to hire a professional who can create a more organised system, particularly if there are lots of people that want to get involved. Karaoke won’t always go down well with every crowd, only choose this form of entertainment if you know that your guests will enjoy it.  


To help break up the evening, you could consider arranging a fireworks display. Look for a local fireworks company that can put on a short display, usually the longer the display, the more costly. Make sure that venue permits fireworks before you book a company.


You could also consider hiring a magician to do some simple tricks. This could be excellent whilst everyone is seated and waiting for food, the magician could go from table to table performing tricks to guests. Alternatively, you could hire a kids’ magician to occupy the kids in the evening. Make sure to hire a qualified magician who is used to doing these events.

Kids’ entertainment

On the subject of kids’ entertainment, if you’re expecting lots of children to turn up it could be worth booking some form of entertainment for them. This could be something as simple as face painting or something as elaborate as a full on theatre show.

Other entertainment ideas

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding and you can get creative as you like with entertainment. More unusual ideas could include a psychic medium, fire performers, silhouette artists and living statues. You could even book a catering company that also doubles up as entertainment, this could include a performing chef that cooks at guest’s tables or themed waiting staff.

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