We are living a world were people are segregated in to generations, with my generation being part of the millennial born in the early 1980’s, having grown up with the introduction of computers, mobile phones and games consoles. I am apparently a generation Y millennial. But there is also the generation X millennial, who were born post 2001 who have grown up with tablets, mobile phones, apps and wifi. It’s these later millennials that are changing the way we live, the properties we buy or rent. HomeLet asked me to look at that the Millennial generation of renters are looking for.

Millennial generation of renters

Being part of the millennial generation also means the brith of a generation of new home renters, who have very different needs to older generations.

What the Millennial generation of renters are looking for….

If you are thinking about renting out a property, I have put together a list of must have items to target that millennial rental market.

  • Lots of plus sockets. Its a must have with so much equipment around the house now ensuring that plug sockets are easily accessible is a priority.
  • USB ports. You are now able to add USB ports to your home just like normal socket.
  • Great wifi connection. Depending on how you rent your property out, if you include things like fibre brand band will be a big bonus.
  • Wifi white goods. You are now able to get washing machines that connect to the wifi and with the use of a handy app you can set it to come on whenever you are ready.
  • Smart lighting. Allowing you to control everything from an app on your phone, amazon’s Alexa, google home or any other smart home control.
  • Storage space. Having storage space even in the smartest of home is a must. Modern homes always look fabulous, yet often they just don’t have the space to store everything in.
  • CCTV. Now more than ever people are wanting to have that extra security while at home. Having a CCTV system that is all connected up to the rest of your smart home is going to be important to your Millennial generation of renters.

Renting your property furnished?

If you are looking to rent out a furnished home, then theres a few ideas the attract those Millennials into your property.

  • Large smart TV. Having a smart TV is a must, allowing your renters to access all of their technology from the TV.
  • Good coffee machine. With so many coffee drinks our there now, having that lovely coffee machine is a lovely little extra.
  • Dishwasher. As with a lot of the Millennial germination, they are out and about socialising and networking that having a dishwasher is a nice little added extra.
  • Make sure your furniture is light and airy, they will be looking for something that feels homely yet modern and full of technology.

Do you think your property would meet up to the expectations of the Millennial renters?


*This post was made in collaboration with HomeLet. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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