Hunting is an amazing skill to master and may develop into a lifelong passion. If you’re excited about your first trip, just remember you don’t want lack of preparation to spoil the entire outing. The things you must do before heading out are shown below so that you can stay safe and hopefully land some game.

Master Firearm Safety

If you’re not an experienced shooter, then you really need to learn basic firearm safety before heading out. This could include taking a course or getting a friend to teach you. Regardless, make sure you know basic principles, such as what to do during a misfire and how to correctly identify and load ammunition.

Find An Experienced Mentor

If you have never hunted before then you want your first trip to be with someone who is experienced and capable. Not only that, they should be patient and be able to carefully explain the dos and don’ts of a hunting trip. You want them to be happy to keep an eye on you so that you don’t stuff up. A mentor with a gung-ho attitude, who will simply chuck a firearm in your hands, is not the right person.

Make Sure You Acquire The Right Permits

Unless you’re hunting on a friend’s farm, you probably need a permit for the area you will be visiting. Make sure all the permits and any other paperwork are fully in order before heading out. A fine from a ranger is not a good start to your first hunting trip

Learn How To Track Game

While the theory of tracking game can be taught before you set out, this is more of a skill that you can practice during the hunting trip itself. Regardless of whether you’re trying to shoot rabbits or locate a coyote den, the ability to understand animals and the signs they leave is crucial to hunting success. This is another area where it pays to have the right mentor to teach you.

Prepare The Right Gear

You want to be well set up with clothing for wet, dry, hot, and cold conditions. You may also need camouflage gear depending on what you’re hunting. Perhaps most important is a  good pair of footwear that offers support and stability, as well as being able to take a pounding from the trail.

Tell Someone Where You’re Going

Anything could go wrong on your first hunting trip. That’s why you should always let a family member or trusted friend know where and when you are going. You should arrange to give them a call or send them a message once you return home safely. Remember, you can never totally rely on a phone signal or battery life when out in the wilderness.

Final Thoughts

Good luck on your first hunting trip. Just remember not to get too gung-ho. You’re better off taking it easy and treating the trip as a learning experience so that you can achieve future hunting success.

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