People always want to go that extra mile to make their loved ones happy. Be it your parents, friends, sister, brother, or partner; you want to do things just because it can make their day. One such way of showing love and affection is gifting.

Gifting is important for any relationship. There’s something fulfilling and wholesome about giving gifts to your special ones. It feels good when someone appreciates all the time and effort spent on finding a perfect gift. Each new present brings happiness with its arrival and memories from past times together. 

When you give a gift, the recipient is elated because they know the effort that goes into giving them something. With every occasion or event, gifts are needed to add zest and sheen- making it more memorable!

Why is gifting important

Why is gifting important?

Show love and respect

In any kind of relationship, it is always important to show love and respect. This helps strengthen the bond between two people because you’re showing that you really love them for what they are. Personalised and thoughtful gifts do exactly that.

Token of appreciation

Gift-giving is a time-honoured tradition that you should never forget. Sometimes it is hard to express gratitude towards important people in your life. By giving gifts, you make someone realise how grateful you are to have them in your life. They feel special, valued, and appreciated. Gifts can be a token of appreciation for another person’s time and efforts.

Gift giving to keep in touch

Being separated by distance should not be an excuse to ruin a relationship. Gifts can help keep the connection alive and well even though it may take more effort than if you were in the same city or state. Here’s an idea.

If you want to remind your friend how much you miss them, send them a thoughtful gift such as a relaxation gift basket. Surprise them with random gifts and send them their favourite things or personalised gifts to remind them of good memories of being together.

Gifts to apologise

There are times when a simple apology is not enough to make the person you have wronged forgive you. Sometimes words just aren’t going to cut it. So, in some cases, all that’s left is an expression of remorse with gifts. It can be flowers from your garden, their favourite cookies, or a sorry card, choose something that can cheer them up.

How to excel in the art of gifting?

Consider the Recipient’s Personality

If you are confused about what to get for someone, try to understand their personality type and buy a gift that matches them. This will make the receiver feel very special! For instance, if your friend is an avid traveler, consider giving them something like personalised luggage or passport holders. If they’re into fitness, then get them some workout clothes.

If you want to buy your friends the perfect gift, you need to carefully observe their interests.

Try to know what they like, their favourite movie or TV series or maybe favourite food joint, and based on that, give them something that reminds them of these things. A movie poster-themed accessories, favourite dish delivered at their place, it can all work if only you pay attention and think before you decide on a gift. 

Think Creatively

Customising your gifts can make a world of difference. It shows them that you invested time, creativity, and energy into giving them something special. You can go beyond the boundaries of imagination or find inspiration online for DIY gifts. From handwritten letters to handcrafted baked items, there are many options available when customising creative gifts.

Expensive is not always good.

Instead of always buying expensive gifts, you should think outside the box and give thoughtful items. They will surely appreciate your efforts in giving them something they’ll love!

You can also get a gift card with a personalised message for that special someone who deserves all the best after being so supportive this year. It’s hard to find that perfect present but remember more than a gift the thought behind it matters a lot.

Maybe they need to spend some quality time or a small party, or maybe just a small card with a beautiful handwritten message, but you are there spending money without putting any heart into it.

Gift Experiences

Most people have their own set of interests. Some love to hike, while others just like the occasional swim in a lake or visit an aquarium. For those with adoration for adventures and new experiences, it’s always nice to give gifts that will help broaden their horizons even more!

Buy them a subscription to an online class or sign them up for an activity they want to do for a long time but for some reason aren’t able to. If possible, plan a vacation for them. Gift them accessories they need to spend more time on their hobbies. Gift them something that might make their life easier work-wise.

Bonus: Give your Precious Time

If you want to give someone a meaningful gift, there is no better gift than your time. Be there for them when they need you. Spend quality time with them, let them know how much they mean to you, and tell them what an exceptional person they are. You can call on them or help them with something at work.

Take them out for dancing, dinner, or just for a walk. Spend a little time with them in any way possible, talk to them and listen to them. Be generous and spend a copious amount of time now while there’s still plenty leftover.


Gifting requires careful observation to make sure that you give something meaningful. Otherwise, your hard work and money could be wasted when individuals don’t react to your gifts as expected.

You must think of others and what they want and not what you want to give them because it’s not always about you. You should consider their hobbies, passions, and lifestyle before delivering them anything that will make a positive difference in their lives.

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